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DTG powers-up National Automotive Innovation Centre

DTG is underway with work to install the back-up power supply for the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) which is currently being constructed at the University of Warwick.

The 33,000msq facility will be a state-of-the-art technology hub for research teams and collaborative partners, to develop the vehicles and personal mobility solutions of the future.

The NAIC will also focus on inspiring the next generation of engineers – from schoolchildren to undergraduates, to develop the skills required to help keep the UK globally competitive.

£150 million is being invested in the NAIC capital building and its research activities through a long-term commitment between Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors European Technical Centre, WMG and the University of Warwick, along with an expanding network of supplier companies. The government (Higher Education Funding Council England) has also provided £15 million of funding to support the capital project.

DTG will install a 1250 kVA generator capable of remote synchronisation at two remote package subs for short term parallel return and testing. The plant room will also have 75dba attenuation with split inlet attenuation and motorised dampers utilising the mechanical plant room from the external wall as an air delivery pathway. The set also has a 24-hour fuel tank which is fill-able from a street level fill point. The set is installed in the second floor plant room with an extended exhaust flue to the atmosphere on the roof using a Schiedel lined ACS 5000 flue system.


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