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Virtual CPD Workshops

We have launched a new programme of CPD sessions – delivered on a date and time to suit your employees, remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Presented by a member of our experienced technical team, our CPD sessions are informative, entirely technically focussed, and come with a certificate of participation.

CPD session - The application of life safety standby generators, course content includes:

  • Fuel storage, what are the regulations?
  • Sprinkler pump motor starting characteristics
  • Are exhaust catalysts required?
  • Generator set ratings
  • Generator controls - starting with multiple ATS panels

CPD session - The application of standby generators in NHS facilities, course content includes:

  • HTM06 - fuel storage, what are the guidelines?
  • HTM06 - generator load acceptance and period to start
  • Are exhaust catalysts required?
  • Mains paralleling and generator testing requirements
  • What does HTM06 say about noise levels?

These CPD sessions are suitable for engineers (both mechanical and electrical) engaged in the design and integration of standby diesel and gas generator sets.

To find out more, or to book a session for your team, please contact

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