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Take control, and fix your energy prices now

As the overall demand for cleaner power generation continues to drive innovation in the production of energy, there is an increasing shift to natural gas generators for both standby power and as an alternative to mains connection for those who also want to take control of costs, save money and fix long-term prices for on-site power generation.

Extraordinary weather and the resulting power outages are likely to continue accelerating the trend towards natural gas generators in industrial sectors, particularly when the cost of gas remains low and relatively stable.

Our gas generators can be used for various applications providing our customers with a range of benefits.

We categorise our generators into two technologies, rich burn and lean burn. Simply put, this refers to the percentage of fuel used in the combustion process which means each option is suited to a different use, and comes with a different set of benefits.

Utilising our ultra-low emission gas generators, we can install equipment ‘behind the meter’. This means that the gas generator set provides the customer with the bulk of their electrical power requirements and runs in parallel with the utility supply to ensure power resilience.

Powered by German MAN and Cummins high-efficiency gas engines, our lean burn generators are ideal for generating your own electricity on-site. Our generator range is highly competitive and can offer large annual savings on your energy bills. By utilising a lower cost natural gas supply to produce your own electricity, this offsets your high electricity costs which are normally supplied by the national grid.

Furthermore, by running in parallel with the grid, your site will see no drop in resilience. Making this an ideal solution if reduced operating costs are a focus of your business.

If your business is a high-volume user of electricity, then DTGen offers a fully-funded PPA solution, that enables you to take control of your energy and generate your own continuous power onsite using the new lean-burn Pramac-Generac natural gas generator, behind the meter. This fully-funded gas to power energy solution will significantly reduce your energy costs from month one without the need for any capital spend.  

Without a PPA agreement in place, the payback period is typically between two and four years. The technologies lifespan is between ten to 15 years. 

This solution is ideal for facilities with high electrical energy consumption (100kW and above), such as food and drink manufacturing or large-scale industrial manufacturing. Providing budget stability, the lean-burn solution enables you to lower your dependency on the grid whilst ensuring a reliable, secure supply of electrical power. 

With ultra-low emissions and reduced operating costs, investing in a DTGen gas-fuelled stationary generator set offers a sustainable opportunity to save power and cut expenditure. In addition to behind the meter and peak standby, operating as the prime power source, our gaseous power gensets can generate an additional revenue stream through:

  1. Demand response programs and energy trading. The national grid is facing severe instability problems, coupled with little to no spare capacity. By operating your own gas generator set you can participate in flexibility programs that are operated by our aggregators.

You as the asset owner/operator will receive compensation payment from such aggregators and the national grid. We work with industry-leading aggregators and can arrange these additional contracts on your behalf.

  1. Energy Management. Reducing your power consumption from the national grid during peak hours will provide you with direct savings, in addition to this, you can also avoid peak surcharge times throughout the year. Again, this can be done by an agreement with an aggregator which we can arrange on your behalf.

To get started, we collect data on your site’s energy consumption and analyse it, establishing the best products to suit your needs. Using advanced modelling on your energy data, we prepare a full report and energy model, establishing the correct size of gas to power product and prepare a full proposal. During this stage, various site visits can occur at no cost to you. 

Next, we conduct a full review with you and prepare a detailed energy model and proposal to best suit your needs. At this stage, we can also offer various finance options including a fully-funded power purchase agreement (PPA). Once this is agreed, we can move ahead to order the product and arrange project delivery.

Let us help you take control of your energy costs. Arrange a free, no-obligation, energy consultation and survey. Contact the team on T: 0141 956 7764 E:


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