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High horsepower 2023 range launch

We’re excited to be launching our 2023 range of high horsepower products.

Chris Connors, Project Sales Director at DTGen, said: “As an independent provider, we're not limited to a single engine or alternator brand. Instead, we can help you select the right product for your project.

“Perhaps good load acceptance is your priority, alternatively you may be looking for the best value per kVA or the fastest lead-time – whatever your requirements, we’ll have a solution.”

We provide a collaborative approach to solution sales and are trusted by a broad spectrum of customers to find the most cost-effective and resilient standby power system.

Delivering solutions to customers including hospitals, data centres, distribution centres, banking and utilities, we work with consultants, end users and contractors from initial design to project completion. 

We have worked on single turnkey solutions through to the most complex of projects including 25 MVA of generator sets with high voltage alternators, complex controls, noise attenuation, exhaust systems, and fuel packages.

Our dedicated solutions team has the specialist knowledge, experience and resource to advise and deliver your complete standby power solution.

View the high horsepower range here and to talk to the team about your project requirements, please email

High Horsepower Crop

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