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Working in partnership with our customers to specify the best and most appropriate equipment package, we supply a wide range of generators and ancillary products including:


We offer a wide range of generators from 6 – 4,000 kVA.  We also hold the largest stock of generators in the UK available for next day delivery.  To enquire further please call or email us


These innovative power systems use natural gas as an alternative fuel delivering the same performance characteristics as diesel with added benefits such as reduced exhaust emissions, reduced environmental pollution risks, and no requirement for bulk fuel storage.

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LPG emits less NOx, SOx, CO2e and PM than diesel which means LPG generators are the ideal solution for emission-sensitive sites.

LPG is an available, reliable and proven option for power generation.

Liquid gas generators

Energy Solutions

Working with our strategic partners to deliver a range of energy solutions, we’re supporting our customers on the journey to net zero energy generation, both electrically and thermally, and can offer fully financed systems and energy contracts as well as straight purchase options.

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Offering a wide range of control systems, ranging from single key start panels to multiple mains and generator synchronising systems. Our product offering includes:

  • Power Wizard
  • Woodward
  • Deep Sea
  • ComAp
  • PLC Systems                                                         

Our team of electrical engineers specialise in selecting the correct control system for your application, please contact us should you require a controls consultation.


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Generator installations without any acoustic treatment typically emit over 110dBA which is unacceptable in most applications. We specialise in the design and installation of plant room attenuation equipment, reducing noise from 110dBA down to as low as 60dBA at 1m. Typical packages that we can supply and install include:

  • Air inlet and air outlet attenuators
  • Exhaust gas silencers
  • Weather louvers
  • Motorised dampers
  • Ducting and exhaust flue extensions


Our standard range of acoustic enclosures reduce noise to levels between 74 to 85 dBA at 1m and are available for generator sets up to 800 kVA. These provide the most cost effective solution for generator installations.

However certain applications require  lower noise levels,  we offer a range of enclosures to suit all applications.  Our range of enclosures includes:

  • Manufacturers standard acoustic canopies
  • Bespoke acoustic canopies
  • Bespoke acoustic containers

Fuel Systems

We are experts in the design, installation and commissioning of a wide range of regulation compliant fuel systems, from standard eight hour bunded base tanks to 100,000 litre plus systems, including:

  • Skid mounted, free standing and structural fuel tanks
  • Fuel transfer pumps
  • Fuel polishing units
  • Remote fill points
  • Fuel pipework
  • Fuel system control and panels

Exhaust Treatment

Depending on your application and changes to emissions regulations, there may be a need to apply exhaust after treatment to your installation. We offer a wide range of products which not only exceed existing regulations but also exceed expected future regulations. These include:

  • Catalytic converters
  • Selective catalyst reduction (SCRs/Scrubbers)
  • Bespoke engine timings
  • Emissions modelling

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