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City of Glasgow College

New Campus Glasgow is a visionary project to create an inspirational learning environment for City of Glasgow College - the new college being formed through the merger of Central, Metropolitan and Nautical Colleges.

About the Project

New Campus Glasgow is a visionary project to create an inspirational learning environment for City of Glasgow College - the new college being formed through the merger of Central, Metropolitan and Nautical Colleges. Located across two sites: the City Campus at Cathedral Street and the Riverside Campus at Crown Street, the modern, efficient and sustainable campus will be home to around 1,500 staff and 40,000 students.

Power Supplied

At the Riverside Campus, we supplied 500KVA; at the City Campus we supplied 1,250 KVA


At the Riverside Campus we installed a silent generator set on the roof of the city centre building. This was a general installation for controls with back up to the main building.  Longer than usual run time hours were required, so we designed and fitted a bespoke fuel transfer system and supplied a 4000Ltr bunded tank to supply extra fuel which allows the system to run for up to 40 hours. The generator and bulk tank were lifted onto the roof via crane.

City Campus is a 1250kVA installation at ground level with a bespoke 75dBA acoustic drop-over canopy for noise control. Here, we also supplied an external tank to allow extra fuel capacity for up to 48 hours run time.

Why DTGen?

Our ability to form successful partnerships with other contractors, and to work well as a team to get the job done, is a key strength. We have strong and proven technical capabilities for a job of this nature; and a long-standing relationship with the client who has confidence in our equipment, knowledge and level of service.

We were delighted to have been selected for this challenging city centre project. One of DTGen’s assets is the ability to modify the design to suit ever changing site requirements. Due to the switchboard installed at City Campus, we had to alter our controls design to suit, and ensure everything communicated with each other correctly. At Riverside Campus when we delivered to site, we had to redesign our mechanical install and fuel system to suit site restrictions. This project highlights our ability to be flexible, come up with solutions and quickly resolve any unforeseen issues.

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