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DTG launches gas generator range

We have launched a range of gas generators supplied by the global power manufacturer Pramac UK.

Paul Moore, Managing Director at DTG, said: “We are continuing to find new and improved ways to provide resilient power supplies to our customers. As the UK experiences more extreme weather patterns and questions are raised over the reliability and long-term sustainability of our grid network, more and more consumers and businesses are choosing solutions that put them in control of their power. Through our range of power solutions, we are able to offer new fuel options to help our customers make informed choices.”

“With our long-established position in the UK’s standby generator market and our team of more than 70 experienced staff, we are ideally positioned to install, service and support gas solutions in addition to our current products and services.”

DTG’s range of Pramac industrial gas generators, which ranges from 200kVA to 500kVA and includes the GGW200, GGW300, GGW400 and GGW500, offers an alternative fuel choice for standby generators, which will be as high performing as diesel. These generators are ideal for use across a range of sectors including healthcare, education, manufacturing and data centre solutions - any location that would be traditionally limited to diesel standby power.

Dave Curry, Pramac UK Sales & Business Development Manager, Industrial Solutions, said: “We are delighted to be working with DTG as one of our UK power partners to support the Pramac industrial gas range across Scotland and the North.

“As pressure mounts on sourcing alternative fuels and demand for standby power grows in the UK, we have ensured that this new range, offers greater choice and availability for commercial and industrial applications.”

As well as being one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, gas is also readily available in large cities since it is delivered directly through pipelines. As a result, gas-powered generators do not require bulk fuel storage which can be a strong advantage in some locations where a reliable power source is required.

This new range of gas equipment adds to DTG’s existing product portfolio including FG Wilson diesel generators and 2G Energy combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration plant.

To find out more, download our gas range brochure here or contact the sales team on 0141 956 7746 or


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