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Energy Solutions

Our energy solutions team supports customers with turnkey packages for their complex energy demands. We have four key principles on every project:

  • Improve our customers’ energy efficiency
  • Reduce our customers’ energy bills
  • Help our customers with the transition to net zero
  • Improve our customers’ power resilience

 Working with our strategic partners to deliver a range of energy solutions, we can offer fully financed systems and energy contracts as well as straight purchase options.


Behind the meter

We achieve this by using various technologies and fuel supplies such as gas to power generators, and combined heat and power generators - both capable of running with various fuel types such as liquid gas, natural “mains” gas, and transitional fuels - helping our customers towards net zero.

We also provide solar, battery storage and EV charging systems in combination with our engine technology, offering customers a full “behind the meter” energy system.

Net zero generation

We’re working towards taking our customers to net zero energy generation both electrically and thermally. How we achieve this will evolve during the short, medium and long term.

Right now, we’re:

  • Utilising available transitional fuels to reduce our customers' carbon footprint for their on-site energy generation.
  • Maximising our customers' energy efficiency and selecting the optimum technologies available, utilising these technologies to their maximum capacity, for example, CHP applications and site infrastructure upgrades to enable heat capture.
  • Carbon off-setting where applicable and valid. 

Turnkey energy solutions

All of our energy solution projects start with us carrying out detailed energy modelling: analysing your existing energy demands and modelling them against our technologies. If you don’t have this information available, we can temporarily install energy metering equipment, collect this information and produce energy reports.

Our projects typically provide a full turnkey installation and lifetime maintenance, which include:

  • Energy modelling and detailed proposal
  • Switchboard enabling works and switchboard extensions
  • Full electrical installation works
  • Civil works including plinths, trenching and making good
  • Mechanical installation including gas lines, regulators and ancillaries
  • Liquid gas tanks and distribution works
  • Mechanical integration works for CHP, including LTHW and steam
  • Distribution Network Operator (DNO) applications such as G99 and required design works
  • Full project management
  • 5, 10 and 15-year maintenance contracts with fully inclusive options

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